Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Since 1984, the brand Frida Madè has been devoted to creating a truly authentic feminine style, and has avoided following superficial trends, passing fashions and tastes that only last one season.
The brand’s approach is aesthetic, dedicated to the woman who loves to dress for her own pleasure, rather than for mere appearance.
Its concrete vision of the world of fashion, which has been profoundly transformed by the explosion of Covid 19, is becoming increasingly current and contemporary.
In the context of a global rethinking of one’s scale of values, the need that emerges above all others is that "the item you buy must last over time".
The choice of sustainability, in which beauty and quality are placed at the center because they are the only really lasting values, has become an indispensable need in fashion.
In this context, the Spring summer 2023 Collection merely reinforces a path which has already been followed for years. In fact, the basis of this identity is the quality of the materials. The refined blends of cashmere, baby Alpaca, merinos and mohair that are used are the result of uniquely skilled craftsmanship, and this is the main strength of Frida Madé.
The clothes represent a passionate bond with tradition and with the territory, and each garment, in fact, makes use of local craftsmen.
Strengthened by the excellence of the yarns, the imagination is free to explore unusual but refined shapes and combinations, thus adding a unique blend of audacity and modernity to the collection.